Nitro – Fe

Features of Nitro-Fe ,

It is liquid fertilizer that has nitrogen in high amount in its body.  Content of humus of the soil to be fertilized in the assignment of   amount of  fertilizer with nitrogen  and  nitrogen need of the plant to be grown with nitrogen content  will be considered.


  • Helps in development and growth of the plant and formation of root,
  • Speeds up maturation of plant,
  • Increases quality of the product,
  • Prevents fall of grains , and increases efficiency,
  • Grains become ripe

In the lack of Nitro-Fe,

Lack of nitrogen has negative effect on plants. Even they can affect the intake of other elements.

  • Synthesis of protein and enzymes get slower. Development of plant stops. Plant stays short.
  • Plant may get reddish.
  • If lack of nitrogen happens in the beginning of bolting, leaves get a light green color. The body remains thin and weak, anthers remain short and grains don’t ripe.
  • The efficiency drops down.


  • Since too much fertilizer is used, we will have financial loss
  • The plant grows continuously and instead of product , we will have just stem.
  • Membranes of cell and tissues become weak.
  • Plant loses resistivity against drought, coldness, diseases .
  • Fruits become of poor quality.(Thick shell, like a sponge and becomes endurable )

Nitro-Fe dissolves in water 100%, does not leave any harmful or harmless remaining in the soil. Fundamental nutrition  nitrogen  which is at at high rate and beside a micro element iron  are in liquid form . Iron is one of the most crucial micro elements in the soil and in the lack of iron, the symptoms would resemble the ones in the lack of nitrogen.

Nitro-Fe facilitates intake of fundamental nutrition and helps plant grow in balance. The plant that grow in balance has more strength against diseases, excessive temperature, aridity. The amount of nutrition that plant can pick up from the soil due to low temperature, high moisture and pH  will be affected adversely.

Those kind of damages could be prevented by Nitro-Fe  fertilizing  to be applied from the soil. Nitro-Fe can be given from the soil by drip irrigation thanks to the ortho-iron  in it.


“Low dosage, but high application”

                        Nitro – Fe

Fertilizer Green Bombe

Guaranteed Content                              W/w

Urea Nitrogen                                       : % 16

Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4 –N)         : % 7

Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3 –N)                 : % 7

Total Nitrogen                                       : % 30

Total Ferrum                                         : % 0,5

Stabilized pH interval                         : 4-6