Organic-mineral fertilizer : Fung-Cu

Fung-Cu is kind of liquid systemic cupper fertilizier that can be applied to all kind of soils and climate conditions. It can be absorbed easily by roots and leaves of the plant. It could be applied from the root and leaves.

Fung-Cu that acts as systemic together with copper oxide and copper sulfate within its body can be transported easily to the body of the plant. It displays its effect so rapidly and it is so important fertilizer since it contains amino acid and humicfulvic. It meets need of cupper for the plant, since copper is an essential element for the development and health of the plant. Beside,It is very well effective against pathogenic and has the anti-pathogenic effect on the fungal factors.

Fundamental areas of usage of Fung-Cu,

  1. Thanks to the amino acid in its content, it increases resistivity of the plant against stress and diseases arising out of the temperature difference between day and night.
  2. Accelerates photosynthesis in plants, therefore helps green parts be in proper color. Moreover, helps the formation of blossom and fruit.



Guaranteed  Content                                        :   W/W

Organic material                                                :  % 20

Organic nitrogen                                               :  %   2

Free amino acid                                                 :  %   5

Cupper Sulphate                                               :   %  8

Total Cupper                                                       :  %   8

Stabilized Ph interval                                        :      4-6