The Plant  makes contact through the soil.


According to the results of a new scientific study, it is ascertained that plants make contact with each other through the soil.

In the results of the research of Dr. Johnson from Aberdeen University, it is found that the plants can communicate. The study has revealed that an infected plant can send some kind of signals to the neighboring plants via the soilTherefore, plants can sort of warn each other. In this process, the main source of the messaging  is the soil fungi.


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The research crew states in their studies published in Economist that  there is a common relationship between some plants and some kind of fungi known also as soil blight. Accordingly,Plants provide the nutrition and the fungi does the minerals.


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In a study carried out by a Chinese crew in 2010, It was observed that an infected tomato alerted somehow the neighboring tomatoes and enabled them to increase the  defense mechanism against approaching infection risk.


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David Johnson and his team found out in their research to investigate the messaging traffic that broad bean is managing this communication. The team set up a system called mesekosm to prove this communication via the soil. Mesekosm is kind of experimental set up  that is large enough and acts like a natural environment.


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Experiments on beans  show that plant louses attack the plants and as a result , the plants create some secretion to destroy those louses.