About us


Evosynth is an local organization founded with the purpose of contribution to the sustainable environment in the frame of applications and management of agriculture in the world. Considering its structure, it is the equivalance of low and local investments in rural areas. We carry out our performance on soil analysis and accordingly suitable practical applications. With units to be constructed,the foundation is divided into two with respect to enhancement and valueing of contribution of rural area based- waste to the environment. It could also be considered as contribution of waste to environment after its biological fermentation by abusing technological methods and therefore as generation of energy in the sense of side-industry. Beside its low cost, Evosynth has the production capacity as 6 tons a day. Evosynth conducts on Ar-ge works about organic agriculture and its applications and carries on an action related to biological struggle. Specifically, Evosynth conducts researches on breeding of useful organisms, naturally produced seeds and standart of the product quality. Evosynth, on the basis of Gaia philosohy, is approaching the Ecosystem.