What is Agri-Ca fertilizer?

It contains calcium nitrate. It can dissolve in water so easily and could be absorbed by plant sight away. It contains organic materials, aminoacit,  nitrogen in the form of nitrate.


Where could it be used?

Agri-ca is the best choice for all kind of plant and soil types and can endure hard climate conditions. It doesn’t leave any residual  in the roots of plant unlike other fertilizers since the plants absorb it  together with calcium and nitrate. Those materials affect each other positively and don’t create any saltiness.

It can make some actions easy such that organic material that activate development of root, amino acid that decreases stress in the soil. Therefore, it can help the plant to carry out some important functions like meeting the need of calcium.


Advantages of Agri-ca are as follow,

  • It contains nitrogen in the form of nitrate.

The plants prefer mostly the nitrogen in the form of nitrate. The nitrogen helps plant absorb  calcium and other nutrition along with it. Especially , in clayed soils, ammonium nitrogen could be caught by soil. But nitrate nitrogen can not be held in the soil. It remains free in the roots  and the plant can catch  easily whenever it needs without being washed thanks to organic materials. Therefore, it nables the plant to meet its nitrogen need.


  • Vital role of calcium in plant nutrition

Calcium is macro-nutrition element consumed very much by plants. It is building stone of  cell wall of plant. Its is found generally inside the compound which plants can not make use of it. Transportation of it inside body of the plant is so hard. Calcium carbonate within the soil may not meet the calcium  need of plant. Solution of calcium carbonate in water is low. Because of all those reasons, there is the need of fertilization with calcium. Without calcium , plant cannot grow up. And after potassium and nitrogen, calcium comes first in consumption by plant.


  • Advantage of Agri-Ca to the soil

Agri-Ca can improve the soil along with being a good nutrition for plants. It enables other nutrition caught by  clay minerals inside the soil useful. Clay particles can squeeze inside the soil I which there is less calcium or too much nitrogen. As a result , motion of water and oxygen can low down. And this can affect the development of plant. Water soluble calcium helps clay particles inside the soil decompose  and wins the soil the property of having many pores.


Other benefits of Agri-Ca follow as,

  • Increase efficiency and quality
  • Increase the resistance against diseases
  • Provides durability during transportation
  • Increase stock lifetime of fruits
  • Enables the calcium and nitrate to be absorbed fast
  • Does not contain any preservative
  • No evaporation, being washed or burned
  • Does not create alkalinity
  • Does not create salinity


How to use

Agri- Ca is  mostly in purely refined liquid phase. It has no problem of getting soluble in water. It can be applied from the leaves in the plants which are grown in greenhouse or in open air. It should be used merely in the cases of dripping and springer irrigation method and should not be used together with sulfurous fertilizers and be mixed with agricultural pesticides. Beside in cultivation, it is so suitable  for post-fertilizing after planting.


“ Low dosage, but high application“

                                   Agri – Ca


Guaranteed Content                  : W/W

Organic material                         : % 20

Organic nitrogen                         : %  2

Nitrate nitrogen (NO3 –N)        :  %  6

Total Nitrogen                             : %  8

Calcium oxide                             : % 10

Magnesium                                 : % 0,5

Stabilized pH interval                 : 4-6