Humu-sol is kind of organic fertilizer produced by seperating waste of plant, animals and food and after processed through digestion systems of the worms.The common name of Humu-sol in the world is Vermicompost, the way of producing worm fertilizer is called vermicomposting.. Worms are kind of life forms attaining their lives since old ages. They have formed a strong immune system against pathogens to which they have been exposed for millions of years while they have living under the earth. Worm fertilizer produced by stools of worms can increase efficiency, strength and quality of plants and provides resistance against diseases around roots.
The worms pass so- called body liquids over their body and inside their digestion systems into the fertilize which gives strength against pathogens. Worms contain in their digestion systems natural growth hormones and enzymes such as microorganisms useful for plant, bacteria that fixes nitrogen, fungi and some antibiotics.
Those enzymes and intense n elements that transmitted to the plant provide a healthy and quick growth for plants. Due to micro-organisms, enzymes and herbal nutrition elements, strong, resistant and quality products are produced thanks to organic worm fertilizers that enrich the soil in terms of organic material, regulate pH balance. The thing that makes Humu-sol priceless is that it contains nutrition elements as already solved and ready to use for plants and that contains lots of organic compounds vital for plant growth.. Since the micro nutrition elements passed through the digestion system of the worms are ejected out after being naturally chelated, they can be absorbed easily by plants without exposing to any lost.
This fertilizer contains aminoacid, enzymes,humikacid and fulvic acid that quicken plant growth. That’s why when they are applied to plants, they can increase phitohormone activity provides resistance against diseases.
Biohumus contain also some useful bacteria that do symbiotic nitrogen fixation and asymbiotic nitrogen fixation. Therefore, their application to plants can lead to nitrogen increase inside the soil.