PhylliumX is a  100 percent organic plant -feeding product that contains three different natural algae extract of Ascophyllum species  and herbal amino acid.

In the practices done with specific algae extract related to PhylliumX grown in the northern seas, followings are observed;

Increase in the product with nice and attractive appearance,

Increase in the health of plant generally,

Increase in the resistance of plant against environmental conditions such as drought, salinity and temperature,

Relative Growth in the nutrition elements of plant’s body.

Positive enhancement in early development of root and plant.

The amino acid in the content of Phyllum X increases the intake of algae by the plant by chelating the algae.

Moreover thanks to the L type aminoacid inside the Phyllum X, the dynamism and aliveness  of the plant are sustained by  meeting the urgent food need till the root system gets into action. Besides,  Phyllum X enables the system to operate in time and correctly.  Phyllum X raises the nutritional habit of the plant to the highest point by the means of double formula adopted.


Phyllum X

‘ Low dose but more application’
Ascophyllum Nodosum
Organic extract of algae and herbal amino acid

Warranted Content                                     W/w
Total organic material                              : % 20
Alginic acid                                                : % 0,7
Cytokinin and gibberellic acid (ppm)    : % 0,3 ppm
Free amino acid                                        : % 8
Potassium oxide soluble in water          : % 3
Stabilized Ph interval                                 6,2 – 8,2