Agrosynth offers wonderful solutions by means of its intensive formulae  for the fields that are not fallowed. Even in the case of  sowing the same plant, it should be used for better efficiency.


  • Agrosynth could be used readily in the hydroponic applications  thanks to the its special formulation.


  • Agrosynth  facilitates the intake of the chemical forms of  nitrogen, which are ammonium and nitrate, by the plant thanks to its content. Beside ammonium and nitrate,  intake of food by plant is facilitated  because of amino aicd bound in the organic nitrogen.
  • Agrosynth  is designed to use in  all both root and leaf applications.


  • Agrosynth ‘ s action is optimized by at least two applications with respect to the type of the plant.
  • Agrosynth enables to number of flower retention of fruit, number and quality of fruits to increase obviously thanks to its content.
  • Agrosynth enables  the plant to make the best use of  foods within the alkali soil  thanks to its Ph level and  easy use in the drip irrigation.
  • Agrosynth does necessitate use of artificial fertilizer thanks to it’s the highest level of macro elements in the organic-mineral group.
  • Agrosynth could be used easily with other watering systems  by means of its unique formulation and it does not leave any residual in your watering system and within the fruits.
  • Agrosynth could be applied as a main food material to the all type of annual and perennial plants.


  • Agrosynth decreases use of both  chemical materials and fertilizers for agricultural fight after its application. Therefore, it provides savings of material and time.



“Low dosage, but high application“


Organo-mineral Fertilizer

Guaranteed  Content                                           :   W/W

 Organic material                                                 :  % 25

Total phosphor penta oxide (PO)                   : % 10

Water-Soluble phosphor penta oxide(PO)   : %  10

Water-Soluble potassium oxide ( K2O )          : %  3

Stabilized Ph interval                                           : 4,3-6,3